YouTube Mobile Gets a Makeover

The ever-popular video sharing website YouTube has sent its mobile site through a makeover. The new site allows cell phone-users to access the site with more ease. Some of the updated features include your own personalized homepage, high-quality videos, and DVD-quality recording with uploading abilities from your phone. In a world of applications, Androids and iPhones do not require an application to use the mobile website. With access to thousands of videos, YouTube is taking big steps to bring video-sharing to the mobile world. The YouTube blog explains that “[They] launched YouTube on mobile devices in 2007 with about 1,000 videos available on the mobile site (” Amid advancements in technology over the past three years, the mobile site now offers a library of videos that matches its main website. I have been using the YouTube application in the past on an iPhone and Windows-based phone. Going into the revived mobile site through the iPhone closely resembles accessing the site through a computer’s Internet browser. The setup works well with the small screen of cell phones, as everything is easily viewed on each page. Downloading videos on the mobile site has become quicker, with more high-quality videos to view. Users can add comments to videos, something that was not possible before. The new site is easier to navigate through videos, and has personal settings such as the Home and Favorite screens. Link icons have been enlarged for touch screens that are used in phones like the iPhone and select models of the Android. One big change that YouTube has made to its mobile site is the ability to record and upload videos. This feature is great, especially for the need to capture live action at a moment’s notice through the one-touch record feature. Once the video has been recorded, it requires little navigation to upload it straight onto YouTube. YouTube has raised the bar for other popular mobile sites, such as Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook. Its fast downloading, recording, and uploading features, matched with the high-quality of videos and ease of navigation, makes YouTube a top contender for the number one spot on all of the “Best of” lists in its category. An advantage that the site currently holds is that, for all the great quality and speed, it does not need an application to enjoy. For Windows phone users, the YouTube application is still needed to access videos. I look forward to YouTube advancing its mobile site to be more user friendly for SmartPhones that are Windows-based. However, the new YouTube mobile site is a good preview of what is to come in the future of mobile web browsing. Society is quickly moving toward being primarily dependent on mobile devices to access the Internet, and YouTube has taken promising steps to adapt to the new mobile world. Sources “Better YouTube Mobile”, Google Operating System. “YouTube for Mobile”, YouTube.