Shorten Your Learning Curve In Affiliate Marketing

One of the challenges for people trying to make money online is that there is a lot to learn before becoming profitable. The problem is that there is a really steep learning curve to get over and there are so many ways available to start up that hill. What usually happens is that you get started up the hill and then something happens and you find that you are slowing sliding back down the hill. This is due to lack of experience or getting incorrect advice. So how does one shorten that learning curve? Many of you probably started the same way; you bought an e-book and then another book and then another book. You advanced to videos and before you knew it you have his huge library, but you still have hardly started up the hill. Books and videos are produced for the mass audience. They don’t explain things the way that you might need. You end up spending a lot of time and money looking for answers, but not finding results. The fastest way to start up that learning curve hill is to find people who are experienced and have already achieved the results that you want. By working with people who already “know the ropes”, you can learn from them directly and can often avoid all the problems you might run into be just starting from a book. I can tell you from experience that I have learned more in 2 months working with a group of experts in Affiliate Marketing, than in the 15 months trying to get a business started on my own. The power of a team is amazing. Hiring a Mentor or Mentoring team is not just for beginners. Even if you have been marketing online for some time, a Mentor can help you be more productive by showing you what you are doing right, where you can improve and where there may be waste in your business. Having outside eyes come in brings a new perspective to your business and you will find it well worth the investment. The key is to keep investing in yourself, whether you are just starting out or looking to take that new step in improvement. Shorten your learning curve by getting support from the experts. So, you have decided it’s time to find your mentor and business coach. What makes a good mentor? How can you tell they are right for you? There are a few things to look for. 1. Knowledge — Can they give real life examples of their success? Ask for references. Make a list of questions to ask them. See if they will give you a trial period. If not continue looking. 2. Honesty — Do you feel they are telling you what you want to hear, or are they being straightforward, even brutally honest, because they are trying to help you for the long term? The best Mentors will challenge you to think about what you are doing and why. 3. Dependability — Do they follow up with you quickly on any questions you have asked. Do you get cookie cutter e-mails or are they actually tailored to you questions. How long does it take for them to reply to your emails? 4. Relevance — Is there information the latest and greatest or has it be recycled? Make sure you are comfortable that the program that you put together with your mentor is well structured, and will personally help you meet your business goals. 5. Service — Are you working with a single Mentor or a group of Mentors? No Mentor has all the answers and having other resources to rely on speaks that they are looking out for the customer first, not just themselves. If you want to get your own private Mentor, make sure you check them out before investing your money and then invest your time into learning as much as possible. Take advantage of the opportunity you have paid for. Ask questions, learn, and then apply what you learn – you won’t regret it.

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