Nintendo launches Mario Party 8 for Wii 5/29/2007

Start your summer with a bang with Mario and his gang!For one of the hottest entertainment tickets around, don’t miss Nintendo’s Mario Party 8 (Wii). This party game will rock you as you play with motion control–steering hot cars, go-karts, and fun vehicles, rowing down a river in a super-hyper race, walking a tightrope while balancing a pole, and more!Rated E for Everyone, there’s mild cartoon violence but anyone who knows anything about video games will tell you that Mario Party is one of Nintendo’s best selling games and the fact that Mario Party continues to sell nearly 6.5 million games in the USA makes this a huge winner for Nintendo and their loyal fans. Mario Party has always been a winner with The Review Zone! Besides new characters and boards, you’ll get to use the Wii remote in clever way. Motion-sensitive, the Wii remote lets you steer a wheel, operate a boat paddle, or point as you decorate, compete in games, or wage a war against ghosties in a haunted house! Highly interactive and a great energy source for a real or virtual party, this will be a hot game for your next party with friends whether you’re a kid or a grown-up. Hey, school’s almost out for summer! What a concept! Dozens of mini-games will have you burning calories as you wield your Wii to success as you beat the competition (mini-games bring out the competitive spirit in anyone semi-serious about gaming)! This comic slugfest is full of fun for most or all of your family! Wild and definitely crazy, this game lets you shake a can of cola (think your fave brand) and not have to clean up a sticky, gooey mess. Just try not to do in real life, unless you have a maid with time on her hands! Our favorite? Shooting down ghosties in a haunted house that’ll have you being a hero in no time at all! Think monsters under the bed in a whole new light!! As always, the Nintendo creative team has outdone themselves with another smash hit–I predict Mario Party 8 will boost sales this summer, considering the timing of the launch just perfect for the end of school PARTIES!! If you’re looking for a hot graduation gift for your favorite gamer, get Mario Party 8! You’ll thank me later. So, come along and join the party with a hyped up, energetic, and always hilarious Mario, the delightful Peach and the rest of the gang (including some new characters to spice it up!) as they hit a carnival. Surprises are key to the mini-games and keep your Wii remote hopping with motion control, by pointing, and using the buttons to jump, hop, and run. Lots of action awaits you and your friends in each mini-game–also six new party boards, new game modes and an exciting feature: the ability to transform your character into objects and things (like vampires and boulders). A fresh spin on a format that works well! Why should you buy this game? This is loaded with exciting mini-games and who can resist Mario Party? Forget the boring board games! Instead, twist and turn it into a digital, interactive romp with tons of mini-games and boards. Search for stars, play one, two, or three or four player modes, and celebrate the power of Wii. Enjoy as you and your buddies use candy power-ups to transform their characters! Wait until you see Peach transform into a Peach-faced ball!! It’s hilarious! Get Wario to snack on some Vampire Candy and the dude grows wings and flies off to suck coins from the other players!! You gotta get Mario Party 8 (releases May 29, 2007) to understand the intricacies of the games. Definitely worth the $49.99 (MSRP) and we loved every second of game play—it’s one of those games that you’ll play over and over again. Scores high on creativity, replayability and zany entertainment!

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