Need Increased Conversions? Work On A Website Redesign Checklist!

While designing a website, you need to strike the perfect balance between your design and those elements that will lead your visitors to convert. This requires you to pay absolute attention to every detail throughout the entire website redesign process. So, here is a website redesign checklist that can help you track your progress. But, before we start off with your website redesign principles, it is important to first identify your goals. Without a specified goal, you won’t be able to know what you are to accomplish with your website redesign. And, to set your goals, there are multiple things you need to ponder over like your CTAs, bounce rate, on-page time, A/B testing, etc. Once you have analyzed where you are falling short, and what you wish to achieve, you can now get started with your redesigning process to gain more conversions. Colour and contrast Without the right understanding of colour and contrast, even the most beautiful designs can be a waste! Colour plays a very important part when it comes to design. You must use a colour theme that complements your brand, and the products/services you are selling. All the colours used in your theme must complement one another, and be visually appealing to the eyes. Only the first look at your page must have visitors feel that they want to know more about you. Also, the colour that you choose for your CTA should be carefully selected because every different colour has a different connotation to your visitors. A professional and experienced web design company in Bangalore can help you with choosing the perfect colours and design elements for your website to bring you more conversions. CTAs One of the most important parts of any page is the CTA. And, where and how you place these buttons is of utmost importance. Having them in the right design and in the right place can have more visitors noticing them and engaging with them. So, make sure you have a clear and distinct CTA button on your page that complements the design of the page, yet stands out to grab eyeballs. Moreover, the words that you place on your CTA buttons should be clear and tempting. Give directional cues to your visitors with your CTAs, and see them doing wonders! Visual hierarchy You must have a powerful and clear visual hierarchy on your page so that visitors will never have to ask where to find something on your site. You need to understand and set your page as per the expectations of the visitors for maximum conversions. Whitespace Just as much as the content on your page is important, whitespace is equally important too. You need to provide enough whitespace between different pieces of your content to help visitor differentiate the different elements. This will also help you distinguish between the most important content pieces on your page. However, remember that too much of anything is bad; and so is for whitespace too. Too much whitespace can distract visitors from the rest of the design. So, find the right balance of whitespace for your site to make it work for you.

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