Having a Divorce Settlement That Benefits Your Children

Going through a divorce is a very painful and emotional process. It can be easy to caught up in the anger of the divorce and forget about how this will affect everyone involved, particularly the children. Deciding the terms of child custody arrangements after a divorce can be a very stressful and contentious issue. Family lawyers who are experienced in representing clients during a divorce may suggest using collaborative family law to decide the terms of your divorce. There are many advantages to using collaborative family law to decide the terms of your divorce. Perhaps the best advantage is that using this method will ensure that everyone’s best interests are adequately represented throughout the process. This process uses professional mediators to make sure that your children’s voices are heard and considered in all the arrangements. A collaborative divorce uses mediation and informal meetings between both party’s attorneys to determine the terms of the divorce. Conversation and corporation are used rather than confrontation to come to an agreement. These conversations are conducted outside of the court room, and rely on each party discussing the issues of their separation honestly. Usually both parties are present during these discussions, and lawyers work with therapists and psychologists when necessary to help their clients resolve their disputes. A collaborative divorce is the best method to use to ensure that your children will benefit from the settlement. This process also costs far less, and can be resolved in much more timely manner than if you resort to a contentious court battle. Collaborative family law also fosters an environment in which creative and unique solutions can be determined that will benefit everyone involved. This does not usually happen when a judge gets to decide on emotional issues concerning children. All the information discussed during the informal meetings are kept confidential, and as a client, you remain in control of how long these meetings last. This allows for the details of your divorce to remain out of the public record and will keep the cost of the divorce to a minimum. It is important to work with an attorney who has been trained to use the collaborative approach during a divorce. Most lawyers will be more experienced in using confrontation and adversarial negotiation during a court battle to represent their clients. This approach can be particularly painful and frightening when there are children involved. The rights of the children can easily be forgotten when couples start to focus more on winning their case rather than discussing what outcome will best benefit their children. An attorney skilled at the collaborative family law process will be able to help you navigate through this difficult and emotional situation with ease and clarity.

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