10 Methods To Increase The Mobile Battery Capacity

Unless and until new nano lithium technology is introduced in latter part of 2009, mobile phone batteries will be prone to shortcomings and malfunctions. Just when you are conversing with your friend about the important task your battery goes out of power. The result would be very disastrous. You may have charged your battery to the optimum level with all of the advice and suggestions but still have to recharge every now and then. Short of purchasing an extra battery and keeping that charged what can you do? Let me first clarify some of the battery charging solutions. 1. Memory effect will decrease the shelf life of a battery. Latest Lithium Ion batteries don’t suffer from this memory malfunction although it does crop up in Nickel Metal Hydride units when charged from levels other than 0% of battery capacity. If the NiMH unit was completely charged when initially at say 30% capacity, the consequential accessible capacity will only be 70% of the factory original. Of course every time you charged the battery, the total obtainable capacity would decrease and eventually your cell phone is proving to be inadequate. Almost every cell phone is now installed with Lithium battery. You should always condition your NiMH battery from fresh. 2. If you disrupt the charging process, it will cause harm to the battery. You can break the charge without causing damage to the lithium cell. 3. You cannot use the phone when it is on the charge. In fact you can use the phone even if it is on the charge without causing any harm to the battery. 4. You need to fully charge the battery every time. In fact the shelf life of the battery will be enhanced if only partially or half charged each time. The battery will be under strain if fully charged each time. There are 10 ways to improve the mobile phone battery capacity. They are as follows: 1. Utilizing your cell phone in 3G or Dual Mode will drain the battery much faster than the GSM mode. In latest hi tech mobile phones GSM life span is up to 50% more effective and efficient. 2. Always turn off your all unnecessary sounds like alerts, key tones etc. 3. Set your screen brightness to 50%. 4. Always set your background light down. 5. When not in use, switch off your Bluetooth and WiFi. 6 .Shut applications when not in use. 7. Always keep your mobile phone battery at room temperature away from extreme heat and cold. 8. Don’t let your mobile battery to fully discharge. 9. Always charge the new phone battery for at least 15 hours for the first charge. 10. When not in use turn off the vibrator mode at once. These are some vital points if followed accurately will yield positive results.

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