Why am I still buying a $ 50,000 Mac Pro even if someone says ‘stupid’?

The Mac Pro has caused users to shake their heads because of the high price and the configuration doesn’t know what to use, but the professional user group has a very different look. With the Mac Pro, Apple targets the high-end user market. Therefore, it is interesting to know the feelings of potential customers. They are subject to heavy configuration for the job and are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars for worthy toys. Of course, Apple has exchanged a lot with such people during the design of the new machine. The crowd will probably give a lot of feedback, but it’s no better than hearing the Mac Pro audience. AppleInsider talked with photographers, professional video editors or employees in Adobe. Most of them are familiar with the Pro brand of Apples. But not everyone is willing to spend money on new products. Mac Pro is highly appreciated, especially for its superior hardware power and scalability. Who needs a Mac Pro? A video editing expert with 30 years in the profession sharing with AppleInsider: “Basically, I do a lot of editing, compressing videos so it requires a quick process. I have to cut, export HD and 4K videos very fast. Video files can be very large, not to mention sometimes running multiple programs at the same time. Therefore, I need the greatest strength possible. Blake Garner, an auto expert at Adobe with 15 working experiences is also a potential customer. “The mounting bracket option is a big benefit for Adobe, since we put a lot of Macs in the server room doing Xcode builds and automated testing. Using the server rack on the iMac Pro is a big improvement. Besides design, memory capacity will be a noticeable improvement. Running virtual machines has already consumed RAM, let alone create applications with Xcode, ”Garner said. Michael Trauffer, a video editor, expects third-party software to make the most of Mac Pro’s configuration: “Apple said that Adobe is one of the active developers supporting the new Mac Pro. I hope they will improve the software to fully utilize the resources on the Mac Pro. Currently, Premiere Pro does not use multiple GPUs when working. ” Trauffer revealed, his company is excited to test the new machine and if it will replace the 2013 version of Mac Pro in use. He himself wanted to touch the product as soon as it was released. Keith R. Sbiral, another photographer, said: “My office is full of Macs, which makes my work and life easier. The level of reliability and scalability of the Mac Pro makes it a great machine. For the vast majority of Mac users, including me, the specs could far exceed the actual work needs. But I especially like working on a super-fast machine, especially with photography projects. ” Price issues Mac Pro 2019 has a starting price of 6,000 USD, but if you use the highest configuration and full accessories, the customer must spend up to 50,000 USD. For the majority, this is a large number, while some professional users are willing to give up tens of thousands of dollars if the product meets the work needs. “Price is not a big concern. I can spend between $ 9,000 and $ 10,000, depending on the configuration upgrade option, “a photographer shared with AppleInsider. Blake Garner of Adobe said: “For me personally, price is a factor to consider. I can choose the lowest GPU and memory usage, third party RAM expansion. Upgrade options over time are a great way to see the value of such high-end systems. Depending on the nature of the work, the groups will choose the most optimal configuration to save time and thus synonymous with high prices. Mac Pro life Besides the performance, all interviewees confirmed that Mac Pro is a powerful machine that can be used for many years without worrying about being obsolete. “In fact, each of these will be used for many years, because it allows to upgrade the screen, storage and expansion memory that a Mac Mini or iMac can’t. The average life expectancy for a Mac Pro is good for my work for about 6-8 years. They are reused for many different purposes, which is definitely a long-term investment, ”Sbiral said. Garner also agrees on the Mac Pro’s age. “Such systems tend to serve at least 5 years for the main purpose. And usually there will be 2 to 3 more years of doing less important tasks. ” Another anonymous photographer said: “I usually replace iMac every 3-4 years. So I hope the new Mac Pro can do the job at least 6-7 years, even 10 years. ” Ability to upgrade configuration over time Quite a lot of people reveal the reason for wanting to buy a Mac Pro because of its long life and especially the ability to expand. For advanced users, scalability is essential. Video editing expert Michael Trauffer is excited to see Apple allow users to disassemble the Mac Pro shell and add components to upgrade the computer configuration. The developer of medical software Ryckebusch also shared the same view. “I find the prospect of this machine’s easy upgrade over time very interesting. You don’t need 1 TB of RAM now, but it would be great if you could add it later when the demand increases. ” First impression of Mac Pro None of these people ever took part in Apple’s Mac Pro testing. But they are also very interested in the launch of the product. “I was very excited with the debut and was surprised to see the price list. From a technological perspective, it is very impressive. I like the ability to upgrade the device but am wondering what the monopoly level will be, ”Ryckebusch said. Sbirus expressed a determination to buy a new device because it was a Mac fan favorite. “I think it’s great. I owned almost every high-end Mac version since the Macintosh Quadra 840AV, except for Mac Pro ‘trash. ‘ One of the best things about this product line is the service life. I used it via Mac Pro 2008, 2013 and am now ready to buy the 2019 version because it’s really excited about its power and graphics capabilities ”. Some ideas like Garner and Ryckebusch expect Apple to support Mac Pro even more, like adding third-party memory cards or virtualization technology to software development. Obviously, the “super” configuration of the Mac Pro is not intended for general users. Instead, the new machine is very suitable for video editors, image editors and software developers. They have to deal with a huge amount of work and a solid financial foundation, so it will feel very different about Apple products.