The Greater Mt Airy Chamber of Commerce – Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists

The Chamber has two mailing lists, which are presently housed with Yahoo’s "E-mail Groups" service.

News from the Chamber

The main Yahoo Group is called mtairybusiness, and is for official chamber announcements. You must be a chamber member to be on this list, and are added automatically when you join.

To join this group, mtairybusiness, click on the link below:
mtairybusiness (join group)

Business to Business News

The second Yahoo Group is called mtairybusinessnews, and is where members can post announcements and advertisements. You must be a chamber member to be on this list as well. You are not automatically added to this list, in case you don’t wish to send or receive advertisements.

To join this group, mtairybusinessnews:
mtairybusinessnews (join group)

To post a message to this group:
mtairybusinessnews (post message)

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