Google And SEO: Why Google’s Algo Is A Secret

In a recent interview with Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, Schmidt was reported to say that he was becoming frustrated with the frequent questions he gets pertaining to the ranking algorithm that is being applied by Google. Reportedly, people keep asking why the mega search engine refuses to reveal its 200 elements in ranking list. To his recurring question, Schmidt revealed that the reason why Google does not share its algorithm is that there is no concrete factor in making their rankings. Due to the rapid development of technology, Google has to make frequent changes to its algorithm. As an expected result, they would rather not publish the process to the public because they do not want to deal with the scrutiny of the SEO community with every move they make. The company is also worried that if they share their highly valuable algorithm, some SEO groups and online marketing communities might abuse it instead. If Google released their algorithm, some communities would go ballistic and find ways to make the most out of the published information. The algorithm opens doors for all Internet beings, including those who are up to no good. For now, the easiest thing that SEOs can do is to attempt to analyze the changes that Google has established with every update. Most of the changes that Google makes are not that intensive. This allows people who are involved in search engine optimization to research more and discover as they go. For those who are new to SEO, it is best to learn the fundamentals first before attempting to take on Google’s algorithm. As it is, SEO will remain tough not only for new users but also for knowledgeable SEOs and SEO companies. This is a challenge for individuals to find a quality SEO company that is able to keep up with Google’s SEO algorithm modifications and reach the desired results needed. SEO Magic Webs : YOUR Asian #1 Content-Based Search Engine Optimisation Company. Contact us for SEO and internet marketing.. This article, Google And SEO: Why Google’s Algo Is A Secret has free reprint rights.

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