Find the Best Free Android Apps with Antiroid

I’ll admit I’m a bargain hunter. If I can find a cheap or free alternative to something expensive, I’m ready to do my happy dance. Shopping for Android apps is no different. While apps usually run between $.99 and $1.99, most people hate downloading something only to find out it wasn’t exactly what they wanted or to discover a free alternative that’s even better. Antiroid offers a way to find free alternatives to many of the paid apps in the Google Play market. While the name makes it sound more like a community for those who hate Android, the site is an Android lover’s playground. Why Not Just Pay Think about it this way. Maybe you find an app you like, but you want to take it for a test drive first. Try the free alternative to get an idea about what the app actually does before you buy the paid version. Many developers actually offer limited free versions of their own apps for this very reason. Before you think this is some sort of scam, Antiroid is completely legal. All the site does is list legal, free apps that are considered alternatives to popular paid apps. There is no app sharing or any way to get paid apps for free. Simple To Use Until I actually used the site myself, my first thought was why not just use the recommended apps feature in the Google Play market. Then I remembered. Recommended apps aren’t always free, plus you only see a few at a time. Antiroid lets you see multiple free alternatives without any of those pesky paid apps getting in the way. You have several ways to navigate the site. You can enter the name of a paid app in the search box to view any free alternatives. You can also browse by category or check out the rather lengthy list on the homepage of some of the more popular apps. Not Always Perfect Be warned that Antiroid isn’t always perfect. Much like any recommendation site, alternatives are based upon app descriptions, user reviews and even app names. For instance, Talking Tom Cat’s free alternative is a racing game called Cat Vs Dog Free. Not exactly a great match. However, in the anti-virus category, Kapersky Mobile Security ($9.95) is compared to Antivirus Free. A great match. Take the time to actually read more about the alternatives before you start downloading. In some cases, there simply isn’t any replacement for a great paid app. However, sometimes the freebie outshines the paid one.

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