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Carroll County tourism officials to Visit Mt. Airy
Mt. Airy Economic Development Commission meeting of Nov. 23

Messenger Staff

Local businessman Keir Knight of Plain English Writing and Design has been employed to create and maintain the Economic Development Commission’s website that is currently under construction.

Medve informed the commission that he had been contacted by Barbara Beverungen of the Carroll County tourism office regarding visiting Mt. Airy. Beverungen expressed interest in coming to town for research and insight to assist in the office’s efforts to promote tourism within Carroll County. Medve suggested several places of interest within the town, such as the Mt. Airy Skate Park and the Brick Ridge Inn. Medve said their office did not seem to want to focus on particular establishments, but did want to promote the town and the county. It was also suggested that Beverungen be invited to the January meeting to speak to the commission to discuss the organization’s efforts.

There has been a Priority Places initiative enacted by Governor Ehrlich. This program has been created with the intent to use Maryland resources to promote revitalization, redevelopment, and well-planned new development in designated communities throughout Maryland. Medve has created a letter of support from the commission on behalf of commission member Rob Scranton and asked that other members sign. Scranton, president of Catonsville Homes, is currently developing the old F&M Bank building into Prospect Mill at 8 Main Street.

The Main Street Manager position is currently open. There have been eight applications received and interviews are scheduled to begin once again during the week of Nov. 29.

Commission member Gene Lichtman informed the commission that during his attendance at the last Greater Mt. Airy Chamber of Commerce’s membership drive, he was asked about the commission becoming a member of the chamber. Other commission members stated that they did not think that was a possibility as the town is currently a member and the commission is part of the town government. The matter will be looked into at a later time.

The Greater Mt. Airy Chamber of Commerce and the Kiwanis Club are currently constructing a Mt. Airy phone book due to be completed in the spring of 2005.

The Economic Development Commission meets the fourth Wednesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. at town hall. However, the December meeting will be an informal holiday get together outside of town hall. The January meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 26.


Mt. Airy makes great impression on lieutenant governor
Mt. Airy Economic Development Commission meeting of Oct. 27

Messenger staff

Chairman John Medve opened the meeting with several announcements. He informed the commission and others present that Saturday, Dec. 4, from 3 to 8 p.m., will be the annual Mt. Airy holiday festival. A parade has been scheduled for 6 p.m. that day and town hall will be open throughout the event as well.

Medve stated there is now a direct link to the Minority Business Enterprise from the Greater Mt. Airy Chamber of Commerce website.

It was also announced that the Eyre Bus Service from the Park & Ride lot on Route 27 to the Shady Grove Metro station stopped on Thursday, November 4, due to only three people utilizing the service.

Medve reported he had spoken to Maryland Secretary of Transportation Robert Flanagan at last month’s Chamber of Commerce sponsored luncheon regarding the widening of Route 27 past Twin Arch Road and was informed it would be looked into. Discussion took place regarding the possibility of the town taking possession of Main Street (Maryland Rt. 808) providing repairs and upgrades were completed prior to the possible transfer of ownership. Commission member Rob Scranton suggested the possibility of presenting the State Highway Association (SHA) with a five-year proposal for the town to receive the funding from them to complete the necessary repairs.

Medve stated the few complaints he had received from residents residing on Main Street concerned water drainage and damaged sidewalks. The matter will be revisited at next month’s meeting.

Medve, who also is a member of the Maryland Municipal League, attended its fall conference and shared some news in that regard. He said, while at the conference, Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele spoke about his recent visit to Mt. Airy and seemed to have enjoyed his visit the town.

The Economic Development Commission’s website has been updated with links and information regarding business loans and other services for small businesses.

Local businessman Keir Knight, of Plain English Writing and Design, has been handling the construction and launch of the commission’s website. He indicated he has only received one profile and asked other commission members to submit their profiles in the near future. Knight also discussed placing pictures and descriptions of commercial properties available for sale or lease on the website. He also presented the commission with pictures of properties within Mt. Airy that were currently available.

The Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (APFO), and its implications for economic development for Mt. Airy, was discussed. It was mentioned while the APFO was not originally intended to be applied to businesses, that seems to be what is happening. An example discussed was local businessman Frank Illiano’s situation where he had to replace machines at the TCBY within his building that were using very large amounts of water in order for his construction plans to continue on his next project. The matter will be discussed again next month.

The Economic Development Commission meets the fourth Wednesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. at town hall. However, the November meeting will be Tuesday, Nov. 23, due to the regularly scheduled date being in such close proximity to Thanksgiving Day.


Historical Commercial Zone to be established
Mt. Airy Economic Development Commission meeting of Sept. 22:

Messenger staff

Chairman John Medve opened the meeting by informing the commission of his experience at the Ground Water Summit, which occurred Sept. 18 at the Mt. Airy Volunteer Firehouse. Medve stated six towns were represented at the summit. He also stated during this summit, there had been a discussion regarding the two new water wells being allocated for Mt. Airy. The concern was that the original amount of water anticipated from these new wells was 120,000 gallons each per day. It is now only thought to be between 62,000 and 64,000 gallons each per day. Medve continued by explaining that other towns represented at the summit had encountered this same problem.

The subject of the creation of the Economic Development Commission’s website was discussed. Local businessman Keir Knight, of Plain English Writing & Design, has been constructing this site for the commission. Medve asked members to please submit a biography to Knight to be published on the website so the site can become fully operational.

Medve then informed the commission the Planning Commission, on which he also serves, is in the process of designating a Historical Commercial Zone within the downtown area of Mt. Airy. A discussion ensued regarding the types of businesses that would be ideal for such a designation. The possibility of a specialty beer and wine store to open within this district was mentioned.

The council liaison report consisted of further discussion of Mayor Holt’s proposed building permit cap. It was determined further research was needed to help with stable growth of Mt. Airy.

The Economic Development Commission meets the fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at town hall. The next meeting is scheduled for Oct. 27.

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