Discover 3 Free Online Lead Generation Strategies for Your Home Business

Discover free online lead generation strategies that will help you generate traffic and leads for your home business. There are various ways to generate leads both free and paid but we will be concentrating on the free methods. With these free methods you have to invest some effort and time and your efforts will be well spend and rewarded as you build your work from home program. Here are 3 methods you can use and immediately implement. 1. Article Marketing With article marketing you write and submit articles with valuable information related to your program and submit them to multiple article submission sites using targeted keywords and backlinks to your website. In the bio box of your articles put in a description of your program and 2 links to your website, one with the full url and the other is an anchor text. Doing this consistenty will give you a good amount of traffic and high search engine rankings. 2. Free Classified Ad Posting There are a lot of free classified ad posting sites online so choose the ones that have a high amount of traffic like YouTube and UsFreeAds. On these sites you can post ads again using targeted keywords in your ad title and content. Anchor texts are also allowed on these types of site. Since work from home programs can be done anywhere, you can post to different cities and states to have maximum exposure. Some of these sites have cheap paid services that just cost a couple of dollars. This is something you may want to consider so you can post more ads and your ads stay longer on their sites as opposed to free ads that have a shelf life. 3. Social Bookmarking There are a lot of social networking and social bookmarking sites online. Join a couple or a lot of these sites for free and you will be able to post on them. You can put your social bookmark links in your browser. What you do next is go to your articles and with each article be sure to bookmark them. This will generate backlinks to your articles websites giving you more traffic and better search engine rankings. You can also post separately with new messages or article on these sites for free and as long as you have targeted keywords and relevant content then you can expect to generate more traffic using this method. There are other strategies like creating blogs and forum marketing, but the ones mentioned are good starters as far as free online lead generation strategies for your home business. Keep positive and be consistent in your efforts and you will be rewarded with success.

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