The Greater Mt Airy Chamber of Commerce – Committees


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2008 Committees


Carol Cahall (chair) 301-829-4444,
Shawn Reilly (co-chair) 410-848-4400,
Mike Santos, Karrie Rhodes, Kevin Murphy, Archie Rogers, Kerry Turner, Sandra Wiles (newsletter editor)


Paul Clay (chair) 240-285-0644,
Sharon Baharoff (co-chair) 301-370-0795,
Alice Decker, Kerry Turner, Ellie Bonde, Tim Barkley, Marie Lagos, Alyson Rothberg

Community Expo

Howard LeRoux (co-chair) 301-639-0188,
Jeanne LeRoux, (co-chair) , 301-788-3501
Ken Matthews, Tom Watkins, Lynda Hamel, Ginny MacColl, Mark Jarema, Sandy Shumate, Gail Crowder, Alice Decker, Lucia Simmons, Bruce James, Paul Clay, Shawn Reilly, John Seymour


Tim Barkley (co-chair) 301-829-3778,
Aaron Kahn (co-chair) 443-538-1502,
Audrey Stapf, Carol Blackburn

Carroll County Chamber

Marlene Titus (chair) 410-386-8095


Denny Ahalt (chair) 410-549-8948,
Bob Brill, Dennis Regulinski, Katie Feltz

Frederick County Chamber

Archie Rogers (chair) 301-663-4311

Government Relations

Aaron Kahn (chair) 443-538-1502


Dennis Emerson (chair) 301-831-5885,
Paul Clay, Darwin Rosenfeld, Peggy Sanders


Bob Cage (chair) 301-703-2040,
Harry Johnson

Professional Development

Marlene Titus (chair) 410-386-8095,
Ellie Bonde, Leslie Sier


Tim Slane (chair) 301-829-2707,
Aaron Kahn (chair) 443-538-1502,
Howard LeRoux, Melinda Byrd, Richard Stein, Paul Clay

SCBA (South Carroll Business Assoc)

Katie Feltz (chair) 443-812-2720


Colleen Strube (chair) 301-748-8841,
Bruce James (co-chair) 443-398-1122

Web Site Advisory Committee

Aaron Kahn (chair) 443-538-1502,
Kevin Murphy, Laurie Dilks, Brian Jacobs

Economic Development Commission Liason

Andrew Williamson (chair) 301-829-4040

Chamber Photographer

Shannon Zirkle 301-693-2069

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