Choosing A Reliable XBOX 360 Games Bundle Wisely and Preventing Future Errors

Everyone would like to have an XBOX 360. Choosing the right XBOX 360 games bundle can be a bit of a chore though. Many people are still afraid of the red ring of death. Also sometimes called the “rrod”. For the most part, these problems have been fixed. Choosing a version of the console that won’ have the problems is a little problematic for many consumers. Most versions of the XBOX 360 have been upgraded with newer parts to prevent the rrod but there are still other errors that abound with older models. Examples include the E-71, the E-74 and the E-79. Sometimes the issue is with the hardware requiring Microsoft’s assistance if you don’t have the technical skills to fix it. The latest models are free of these issues. Make your own decisions and choose the right Xbox 360 games bundles. The first one up for consideration is the game of the year edition. The model shown here is the Xbox 360 Elite; it is black and comes bundles with Halo 3 and Fable 2. The majority of the elite systems have a huge 120 gigabyte hard drive and hdmi outputs in the rear. You can expect to pay about five hundred dollars for it.00 USD, and can be kind of expensive. A less feature-packed bundle is the “arcade” bundle, consisting of the basic XBox 360 with 2 arcade game sets, and without a hard drive or any memory card. Most arcade models have 256 megabytes of internal storage though, so you can save your games, just no updates or music. This version retails for around 0.00 USD and is the most wallet friendly. the pro system is now just 0 and middle ground is there00 USD. This pack doesn’t come with any games, unless the store is offering a deal, but it does have some goodies with it. 60 gig hard drive, wireless controller, headset and hdmi output are maily used This is the mid-price entry, and has a good assortment of games included. Don’t worry; there are plenty of demos online that you can play to keep you busy till you can buy some games. The motherboards are the biggest variations between the types. The arcades are all fitted with the latest motherboards that aren’t as power hungry, or hot, but the pros and elite’s have been a little slower to receive this upgrade. It comes equipped with a wired controller port. The rrod has been eliminated and there is a 1 year warranty out of the box. Just be sure to register. Only you can choose which Xbox 360 bundle is right for you. In addition to the versions of the XBOX 360 above there are still plenty of old models on the market. It is possible that these could have the rrod error. The best way to check is the manufacturer date on the back; if it was made after the start of 2009 you are okay. You need to decide which end of the spectrum you want – from low to middle to uber expensive.

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