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Employee Benefits


= The BeneFit Company, LLC’s tag line says it all: Healthy Benefits, Healthy Employees, Healthy Bottom Line.
With over 30 years combined experience in the insurance industry, the company founders, Scott Gardner and Anthony Cinotti, have seen first hand the impact of rising health care costs.
= The BeneFit Company, LLC was created in 2002 with a commitment to do more than show spread sheets of Health Insurance companies year after year, simply steering decision makers to the lowest price. Our mission is to create long term health insurance strategies for our clients. We accomplish this mission by focusing on alternative funding methods, employee education and programming designed to improve the health and wellness of employees. Programs such as discounted gym memberships, reimbursement programs for those who actively work out, wellness coaching and more. This combined approach of focusing on funding, education and wellness, has been proven to have a positive effect on the cost of health insurance.
= The BeneFit Company, LLC: Healthy Benefits, Healthy Employees, Healthy Bottom Line.
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