6 Scary games for Halloween.

Ahhh, Halloween! Many people don’t know this, but Halloween derived from Irish culture. This was a pagan holiday to ward off evil spirits. As gamers, we ward off evil with chainsaws, guns, and magic. But there are some games were slaying evil is easier said than done. There are some games that are so scary, they makes us jump out of our seats or force us to take a break from the gaming horror. I felt like sharing some horror games form my past. These are games that are prefect cares for you during the Halloween season. They may even be a trip down memory lane for some of you. I present 6 horror games that will make you jump out of your seat.

Five nights at Freddy’s (PC, Tablet)

Five Nights at Freddy’s is one of those sleeper hit games that is perfect for the Halloween scare. Games 1-4 are all equally scary, but I decided to put the very first game in my list because I wanted to share where the fear and plot started. The premise is simple in this point and click game. You are a security guard monitoring the cameras, in a security room, of a children’s themed restaurant known and you simply have to survive the five nights. What could be so scary about this game? Well, the animatronic animals appear to be moving on their own throughout night. You click on one camera to see a bunch of animatronics only to find the animatronics vanish or moving throughout different parts of the restaurant. You have to be alert and careful of these robots, that appear to be possessed, otherwise they will enter the security room and it is game over. Each night is fearful. You never know what will happen and you will be on your toes for the entirety of the security shift. Watching the clock, cameras, and doors makes you worried about every moment of the game. Five Nights at Freddy’s make a perfect scary game on the PC or a tablet game.

Dead Space (PS3, XBOX360, PC)

If you want a good scare on a last gen console, Dead Space is the way to go. You play Isaac Clarke, an engineer, who boards the silent and broken spaceship filled with zombie like demons known as necromorphs. So why is this game so scary? Well, there are a ton of answers! Lights are out throughout the game, you will need a flashlight to progress, there are bodies all throughout the spaceship (and you never know which bodies are enemies waiting to pounce), an in game menu option that doesn’t pause the game making you think twice about standing still, and monster that won’t immediately go down. Common gaming sense would dictate shooting the enemies in the head will put the creatures down, but that is not the case in dead space. The only way to put the necromorph down is to take off multiple limbs. Combine all these elements together and you will have one good scare when you play each level. Dead Space makes you feel like you can truly take a breather when you complete a level.

Resident Evil 2 (PS ONE, GAMECUBE, PC)

While the latest version of Resident Evil games have been more action than horror. I decided to go back to one of the scariest Playstation games in my gaming history. That game is Resident Evil 2. You play as one of two characters, Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield, as they enter the street of Raccoon City in which a manufactured virus turned the citizens into zombies. You must work your way through the town, police precinct, factories, and laboratories filled with puzzles, zombies, and artificially engineered monsters hell bent on ending your life. While you have a ton of weapons in your arsenal, there are enemies ready to pop out at a moment’s notice an take you on. Some of the scariest moments is when I walked through a hallway and a bunch of zombie arms reach through a window and grab me. Resident Evil 2 is one of my favorite horror games and perfect for the holiday.

Bioshock (PS3, XBOX 360, PC)

Bioshock was one of the most an innovative games on the last generation system. The combat was intuitive, the A.I was impressive, and the game themes were well thought out. What makes this Bioshock a good scare fest is the whole atmosphere. You are in the underwater city of Rapture, a failed utopian city filled with insane, disfigured, and addicted citizens, hell bent on killing you. Their scared bodies truly reflect how their mental states have deteriorated. I will never forget walking into a hallway to see a disfigured enemy A.I. standing over a baby carriage and loving talking to the carriage like a mother would to her baby. I thought it was rough having to kill this mother when she attacked me, but I was more disturbed when I discovered she was talking to a handgun laying inside the carriage. If the people aren’t scary enough, going up against a Big Daddy is a huge problem. These behemoth creatures wearing scuba gear are prepared to fight you to the death if you pursue a nightmarish and mutated girl known as little sister. Terrifying.

Silent Hill (PS ONE)

I will never forget playing Silent Hill for the Sony Playstation. I thought I was ready for this game. After all, I beat Resident Evil 2 and 3 at least 6 times. It turns out, I was not prepared. You play as Harry Mason, a father driving along a road, at night, with his daughter only to get into a car accident. When Harry wakes up, he discovers his daughter is missing and he must head into the desolate town of Silent Hill. The town is surrounded by fog during the day and darkness at night. You will need a flashlight to see and radio that emits white noise when enemies are nearby. You also have to be careful with both tools because they can also give away your position to the horrific and nightmarish creatures roaming the town and buildings of Silent Hill. Ammo is incredibly sparse n the game. Half the time you will wind up running away from creatures. Certain rooms are locked forcing you to look at the map of every building you enter to understand where to go. Each room you enter is filled with worry because you never know what is in the next part of the building. To top the horror off, you eventually travel into a night mare dimension where the building is transformed into this industrial decrepit building and all the rooms you though were accessible are non-existent. I loved and hated Silent Hill which is why it is a perfect game for the Halloween season.

Alien Isolation (PS4, XBOX ONE, PC)

Last, but not least, I have Alien Isolation on the scary list. You will want to play the game if you are a fan of the Ridley Scott film, but you may not play it for long. You play as Amanda Ripley in search of her mother Ellen Ripley form the Alien film. Amanda travels to a rundown spaceship that truly reflect the atmosphere and environment of the 1979 film. You travel through the ship hiding from the alien creature that can’t be killed. The creature appears and disappears anytime it wants to, follows your sounds, step, and scent, and can take you out at a moment’s notice. The alien will finding you hiding in a cabinet and will take you out. I would run to a save point thinking I am safe only to be killed by the monster. Every room and corridor is met with fear and uncertainty. Top it off with murderous androids and you have a game takes 20 hours to beat. 20 HOURS! That is 20 hours of fear, running, and hiding from a creature that want to make you its next lunch. Alien Isolation is a perfect scary game to play. There are a good amount of game that invoke a shock and fear. These titles are a few that I believe to be good representations, but I invite you to share your choice of scary games. Happy gaming and Happy Halloween.

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